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2012 Classic by Bob Kopac

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Perks' Posse DID IT!
Web Master | 10/13/2009 at 8:33 AM


We finished! We all did the 26.2 - and we are still smiling from the accomplishment.

It was a blast: the training, the changes on our bodies, the weekend in Albany, Coach's face along the route, the pain of the last 4-6 miles, the triumph at the finish, the ending at Kevin's Mom's house for spaghetti! Pictures are on the website in Race Results>>Race Photo albums, but here is a teaser:

.Perks' Posse at the Albany Finish

Awards go to:

RUN-TUFF: to Barbara, for running the last 17 miles with a terrible blister, skin pain in addition to muscle pain.

RUN-SMART: to Polly and Karen O for their negative splits

RUN-ZUCCHINI: to Karen T. for her award, handed to her by Margaret at the finish line (I never really got the story of why)

RUN-BELIEVE: to Deborah, who thought she could never run 26.2 miles but proved that good coaching, hard work, and a great Posse can make miracles happen.

Many thanks to everyone who encouraged us along this path, especially to Steve, Margaret and  Denise.