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2012 Treetops to Rooftops by Bob Kopac

Welcome to Kopac's Corner!

MHRRC's own Bob Kopac has written hundreds of articles about our sport - with thousands of links to his articles from all over the Internet.

You can search and find his articles here. Click on a column heading in the table below to sort by that title; click a second time to sort in reverse order.

Choose a category from the dropdown list and your search will be narrowed.

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 DateTitleAuthorCategoryRace Name
Read Article8/14/2014testing a new articleDeborah SchwartzBoston MarathonSome race
Read Article8/13/2014Test New ArticleTest AuthorHumorTest Race
Read Article4/3/2011You Can't Run Home AgainBob KopacOther RacesYoungstown Peace Race
Read Article2/27/2011Dark Horse at the Columbus Marathon RacesBob KopacOther RacesColumbus Marathon
Read Article11/14/2010The LookBob KopacHumor 
Read Article7/18/2010Paul Fitzpatrick Man of Steel. Part 1Bob KopacInformation 
Read Article7/18/2010Paul Fitzpatrick, Man of Steel. Part 2Bob KopacInformation 
Read Article2/21/20102009 - The Year of the RunnerBob KopacHumor 
Read Article2/2/2010Sean's Run and the Marathon ProjectBob KopacOther RacesSean's Run
Read Article10/17/2009"Raceway" Over the HudsonBob KopacOther Races2009 Treetops to Rooftops 5K
Read Article9/1/2009Bob Rother, 5 Years AfterBob KopacInformation 
Read Article6/25/2009A Course is a Course, of Course, of CourseBob KopacHumorMiles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation 5K
Read Article3/21/2009Mid-Life, the Universe, and EverythingBob KopacHumor 
Read Article2/18/20092008 - The Year of the "Runner"Bob KopacHumor 
Read Article1/2/2009The 2008 NYC Marathon Sideshow AwardsBob KopacNYRRC RacesNYC Marathon
Read Article8/24/2008The Out of TownersBob KopacHumor 
Read Article7/5/2008Who Let the Mice Out?Bob KopacHumor 
Read Article5/10/2008Breast Cancer and RunningLynne KopacArticles by Friends2008 Miles of Hope
Read Article3/9/20082007 Niagara Falls Marathon Races - Slowly I TurnBob KopacOther RacesNiagara Falls International Marathon
Read Article9/20/2007Adirondack Distance Marathon Festival 2007Bob KopacOther RacesAdirondack Marathon 2007
Read Article9/10/2007Regina Tumidajewics, the 2007 Mad Dash's June Grigull Award WinnerBob KopacOther RacesRhinebeck Mad Dash 2007
Read Article8/1/2007Trailrunners, Beware the Woodchuck HolesBob KopacHumor 
Read Article8/1/2007Niagara Falls International Marathon Races - Slowly I TurnBob KopacOther RacesNiagara Falls International Marathon 2007
Read Article7/31/2007A Hot Time at the 30th BoilermakerBob KopacOther RacesUtica Boilermaker 2007
Read Article7/31/2007The 2007 Komen New York City Race for the Cure - my Running DownfallBob KopacOther RacesKomen NYC Race for the Cure 2007
Read Article7/1/20072007 NYC Half MarathonBob KopacNYRRC RacesNYC Half Marathon 2007
Read Article6/30/2007Aabenraa Bjergmarathon - Free Room and Not BoredBob KopacOther RacesAabenraa Bjergmarathon 2007
Read Article6/1/2007All Your Running Base Are Belong to UsBob "Kabob Cop" KopacHumor 
Read Article5/20/2007All's Well That Ends Well at the Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation 5KBob KopacOther RacesMiles of Hope 2007
Read Article4/1/2007The 2007 More Marathon - the Dignity of 40+ YearsBob KopacNYRRC RacesMore Marathon 2007
Read Article11/15/2006The Adventures of a 2006 NYC Marathon PackhorseBob KopacNYRRC RacesNYC Marathon 2006
Read Article9/10/200619 Years of Directing Rhinebeck, NY's Mad DashBob KopacOther RacesRhinebeck Mad Dash 2006
Read Article8/1/2006Utica Boilermaker 2006 - Star GazingBob KopacOther RacesUtica Boilermaker 2006
Read Article7/30/2006Gan Bare! The 30th Escarpment Trail RunBob KopacOther RacesEscarpment Trail Run 2006
Read Article6/3/2006Peace, Love, and Covered BridgesBob KopacOther RacesVermont Covered Bridges Half Marathon 2006
Read Article6/1/2006Patti Catalano Dillon InterviewBob KopacInformation 
Read Article5/3/20062006 Boston Marathon - The Return of the Sideshow AwardsBob KopacBoston MarathonBoston Marathon 2006
Read Article5/2/20062006 Boston Marathon Photo Op - 3DBob KopacBoston MarathonBoston Marathon 2006
Read Article5/1/20062006 Boston Marathon ConversationsBob KopacBoston MarathonBoston Marathon 2006
Read Article5/1/2006Marty Liquori InterviewBob KopacInformation 
Read Article4/2/2006The Hinner End: The 2006 NYRRC Scotland RunBob KopacNYRRC RacesScotland Run 2006
Read Article2/1/2006Gerry Lindgren's 2006 SpeechGerry LindgrenInformation 
Read Article2/1/2006The Somewhat Goofy 2006 Walt Disney MarathonBob KopacOther RacesWalt Disney Marathon 2006
Read Article11/15/2005The 2005 NYC Marathon and Tips on Spotting RunnersBob KopacNYRRC RacesNYC Marathon 2005
Read Article7/9/20052005 National Distance Hall of Fame Acceptance SpeechDon KardongInformation 
Read Article6/25/2005Four and One-Half Hours of GloryAl GrigullArticles by FriendsAabenraa Bjergmarathon 2005
Read Article5/15/2005A 2005 Boston Marathon MHRRC ConversationBob KopacBoston MarathonBoston Marathon 2005
Read Article4/15/2005Boston Marathon 2005 Photo OpBob KopacBoston MarathonBoston Marathon 2005
Read Article4/15/20052005 Boston Marathon ConversationsBob KopacBoston MarathonBoston Marathon 2005
Read Article2/13/2005Christo's Gates, Part DeuxBob KopacNYRRC RacesSnowflake 4 Miler
2007 Adirondack Half Marathon