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2013 Solstice Run by Bob Kopac

Race Results

MHRRC is proud to have MVP Health Care as our race sponsor since 2009.

Click on a race link to see race results. You can sort the table by clicking on a column heading; clicking the heading a second time sorts in reverse order.

LinkRace DateMHRRCRace NameDescription
Results9/21/2014TrueDC Classic 5K Overall ResultsOverall results for 5K
Awards9/21/2014TrueDC Classic 5K AwardsDC Classic 5K Awards
awards9/21/2014TrueDC Classic Half Marathon AwardsHalf marathon awards by age category.
results9/21/2014TrueDC Classic Half Marathon ResultsHalf marathon overall results.
awards9/21/2014TrueDC Classic Kids AwardsKids awards by age group
results9/21/2014TrueDC Classic Kids ResultsKids overall results
Results9/13/2014FalseHarp 5K Run/Walk5K held in New Paltz to benefit the Hudson Valley Hospice Foundation. Race distance was closer to 3.8 miles
5K results9/6/2014True2014 Marist Red Fox TrotThere were 220 finishers on a hot and steamy day along the Hudson.
Results9/1/2014FalseMad Dash 10K OverallOverall Results.Delays in results were due to a defective flash drive and possible Ethernet cable problems.
Awards Report9/1/2014FalseMad Dash 10K AwardsAwards for 10K
Results9/1/2014FalseMad Dash 5K OverallOverall Results for 5K
Results9/1/2014FalseMad Dash 5K AwardsAwards for Mad Dash 5K
Results8/30/2014TrueMamas and Papas 4K Run/Walk60 and over seniors running and walking in the Village of Wappingers
Results8/24/2014FalseChildren's Home 5KOverall Results including age groups
Results8/16/2014FalseDennings Point 5K Overall results for the Dennings Point 5K held in Beacon, NY
Awards Report8/16/2014FalseDennings Point 5K AwardsAwards Report
Results8/1/2014TrueMHRRC Twilight Track Series (Best Times)The three top times for each adult event in the 2014 MHRRC Twilight Track Series.
Results7/21/2014FalseNew Paltz Summer XC Series Week 3Results from Patterson's Pellet.
Results7/21/2014TrueMHRRC Twilight Track Series (week 3)Results from week 3 of MHRRC Twilight Track Series at Arlington High School
Results7/18/2014TrueMHRRC Twilight Track Series (week 2)Results from week 2 of MHRRC Twilight Track Series at Arlington High School
Race results7/14/2014FalseNew Paltz Summer XC Series Week 2Results from Lou's Run.
Results7/12/2014False4th Annual Racing to Save LivesOverall results including age groups
Results7/11/2014TrueMHRRC Twilight Track Series (week 1)Result from the first week of the MHRRC Twilight Track Series
Race results7/7/2014FalseNew Paltz Summer XC Series Week 1Results from Undercliff/Overcliff.
Overall results6/14/2014True2014 Treetops to Rooftops 5KThere were 363 finishers on a dark, damp, and wonderfully cool-for-runners day.
10K Results5/31/2014TrueJoseph McDonaldJoseph McDonald Memorial run in the Village of Wappingers
5K Race5/31/2014TrueBill Crusie Memorial RunBill Crusie Memorial run in the Village of Wappingers
1 Mile5/31/2014TrueMcDonal Crusie Children's RunChildren's 1 Mile run in the Village of Wappingers
4 Mile Results5/18/2014False4 Mile Wounded WarriorsFour mile race honoring military men and women
5K overall5/17/2014True2014 Women's Run 5KOverall results from Women's Run 5K. 109 finishers on a day where the rain just cleared in time for the race.

2007 Ed Erichson Race courtesy Bob Kopac