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2012 Women's Run by Bob Kopac

Race Results

MHRRC is proud to have MVP Health Care as our race sponsor since 2009.

Click on a race link to see race results. You can sort the table by clicking on a column heading; clicking the heading a second time sorts in reverse order.

LinkRace DateMHRRCRace NameDescription
kids9/17/2017TrueClassic Kids2017 DC Classic Kids 1 mile results
5k9/17/2017TrueClassic 5k2017 DC Classic 5k results
half9/17/2017TrueClassic HalfDC Classic half marathon results
5k & 1mile results and analysis8/26/2017TrueSports Hall of Fame 5K and Kid's 1 mileSports Hall of Fame 5k & 1 mile run on the rail trail in memory of Pete Sanfilippo. Pictures of Trophy winners and runner analysis (new features)
Track Results7/21/2017TrueMHRRC Twilight Track Series Week 3Results of week 3 of the Twilight Track Series held at Arlington High School
Track Results7/14/2017TrueMHRRC Twilight Track Series Week 2Results for week 2 of the Twilight Track Series at Arlington High School
Track Results7/7/2017TrueMHRRC Twilight Track Series Week 1Results for Week 1 of the Twilight Track Series held at Arlington High School
5k results6/11/2017FalseWalkway 5k ResultsWalkway College to College 5k Results
half results6/11/2017FalseWalkway Half ResultsWalkway half marathon results
marathon results6/11/2017FalseWalkway Marathon ResultsWalkway marathon results
wheelchair results6/11/2017FalseWalkway Marathon Wheelchair ResultsWalkway marathon wheelchair division results
Marathon results in pictures6/11/2017FalseWalkway Marathon in PicturesTrophy Winners and overall finishers in the 2017 Walkway Marathon. Pictures form video and other photographers
Marathon Results6/11/2017FalseWalkway Marathon Runner ComparisonsThis shows marathon runs pace during the race and those they passed and those who passed them at the half-marathon turnaround
5K Results6/9/2017FalseThe Mommy Dash 5KBenefit Race for Team Sparrow's Nest
10K Results6/4/2017FalseThe Mommy Dash 10KBenefit Race for Team Sparrow's Nest
Pictures of entrants6/3/2017TrueMcDonald Crusie Results in PicturesThe results of the McDonald Crusie results displayed in runner's pictures
10K Results6/3/2017TrueJoseph McDonald 10KThe 40th Anniversary of the Joseph McDonald run in the village of Wappingers.
5K Results6/3/2017TrueBill Crusie 5KThe 40th Anniversary of the Bill Crusie 5k run in the Village of Wappingers
1 Mile results6/3/2017TrueThe Joseph McDonald Kid's RunThe 40th Anniversary of the Joseph McDonalds Kid's run
5kresults5/20/2017True2017 Women's Run 5k Results2017 Women's Run 5k overall and age group results
10kresults5/20/2017True2017 Women's Run 10k Results2017 Women's Run 10k overall and age group results
5k results5/14/2017TrueWaddle 5k ResultsWa Wa Wally Waddle 5k overall and age group results
Kids results5/14/2017TrueWaddle Kids ResultsWa Wa Wally Waddle kids 1 mile overall and age group results
10 Mile and 5K results5/13/2017FalseRacing to Save LivesAt Long Dock Park in Beacon NY in memory of Andrea Markoe. 10 Mile run out and back to Mount Beacon.
results4/29/2017FalseAEF 5kArlington Educational Foundation 1st annual 5k run/walk overall results.
5k Results4/22/2017TrueMiles of Hope 5kMiles of Hope 5k overall and age group results
Kids results4/22/2017TrueMiles of Hope Kids 1 Mile Miles of Hope kids overall results
Results3/12/2017TrueEd Erichson 5 Mile RunOverall 5 Mile Results
Results3/12/2017TrueEd Erichson 10 Mile RunOverall 10 Mile Results
results2/5/2017TruePete Sanfilippo Winter RunThis 5 Mile run is to honor Pete Sanfilippo. It was run at the LaGrange Town Hall.

2007 Winter Run courtesy Bob Kopac