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2010 Dutchess County Classic by Nin Lei

Jack Daniels' Training Paces Introduction

Link to printable version of Daniels' charts

From Steve Perks, the training group coach:

There are many philosophies of training, with an infinite number of variations of each. There is a great deal of science involved in good training, but in my mind there is at least as much art. Learning the science can be tedious. Creating the art is extremely satisfying. The art requires knowing your medium, the individual runner, and applying the science accordingly. Most of the training we have used the past three years (2005-2007) is based around the programs of exercise physiologist PhD Jack Daniels. His book, Daniels’ Running Formula is a great resource.

On this MHRRC website under Training/Daniels Pacing are three pages, one for each major type of training we will be doing on the track (you can link to a printable version of these charts from the link at the top of the page):

  1. Interval workouts (to stress aerobic power and VO2 Max
  2. Threshold workouts (to maximize endurance)
  3. Repetition workouts (to improve speed and economy)

Each of these workouts is used to develop different body systems to make you a stronger, faster and more efficient runner.

To use the charts, you need to know three things:

  1. Your finish time in your most recent race
  2. The type of workout being done
  3. Distances in workout

As an example, suppose you know you are doing an Interval workout  of 1200M, 1000M, 800M and 3x400M and your most recent 5K race time was 24:40. You would look on the Training/Daniels Pacing/Interval Paces page. Then find the closest time to your race time on the chart (in this case, Vdot, a measure of fitness, = 39). Note your interval times for this workout:

In this example, you workout target times would be:

  • 1200M - 5:42
  • 1000M - 4:48
  • 800M - 3:48
  • 3x400M - 1:54 each
 2012 Newburgh-Beacon Bridge by Bob Kopac