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2013 Schlathaus Park by Bob Kopac

Coach's Corner - Track Protocol

What is the track protocol?

It appears there could be a large number of us on the track for these sessions (we had over 50 people at some practices in 2008) and we share the track with others who happen to be there, Here are some basic track protocols that we should follow. Many of the other people that are at the track do not like the idea we are there once a week, plus they don't generally understand proper track etiquette so I think it's important for us to set a good example.

  1. Don't stand on the track and carry on a conversation - you will end up in the way of a runner who will have to go around you. Move off the track to socialize or recover.
  2. When you are jogging to warm-up, cool-down or to recover from a hard effort, jog in the outside 2 lanes to be out of the way of the faster runners.
  3. Don't run three or four across and block the track to runners coming up behind you. This also applies during a workout when you are running with your group during a hard interval. Try to stay as much in single file in the first lane as possible so that if a faster group comes up behind you they do not have to move out to lanes 3 or 4 to get by. Slower groups certainly can have use of lane one during the workout as long as they don't spread out across the track and block faster groups coming up from behind. It's good practice for the faster groups to pass other runners. Also, remember that during the recovery part of a workout to move out to the outside two lanes.
  4. Please be courteous to other people who are using the track.
 2008 Ed Erichson Races courtesy Bob Kopac