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2012 Billy Goat XC by Bob Kopac

Coach's Corner - 2011 Group Workouts

At the Apri 2011l MHRRC meeting, Wayne McDaniel explained the basics of the MHRRC track practices including handouts. You can always get to this in Training>>Coach's Corner>>About Group.

Wayne McDaniel (run426n2@aol.com) and Conni Grace (gra176@aol.com)  are coaches. If you have questions, just send them an email.

The group meets weekly from April 12 through August 30, 2011 at Union Vale Middle School track. Do a warm-up jog and be ready to stretch at 6:15 pm.

What happens at practice?

Link to a PDF file of all track workouts

Link to a PDF file of the track workout basics presented by Wayne at the April MHRRC meeting

Each practice follows a similar pattern:

  • Warm-up of 1-2 miles

  • Stretching with ropes

  • Track practice - individualized for your pace and running level

  • Cool-down

How do I join?

Use the MHRRC shopping cart to register to participate. There is no charge, but shopping cart registration is necessary to "sign" the disclaimer and to receive email messages about practices. Simply add the track practices to your cart, accept the disclaimer, and then on the shopping cart page, click "check out." You will not be asked for your credit card (when cart balance is $0) and our database will be updated with your information.

 2012 Billy Goat by Bob Kopac