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2013 Winter Run by Bob Kopac

MHRRC Web Site - About the Site

This site runs under asp.net 4.5 on Softsys Hosting as our ISP.

It was developed using Microsoft's free software: Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition, SQL Server 2005 Express, SQL Server Managment Express. We also use purchased software, SQL Manager, to bulk insert race results into the database. Programs are written in Visual Basic.net.

This site is based on the Codeplex Club Starter Kit, version 3, Beta 1, The Club Starter Kit look and feel was modified for MHRRC with CSS. Then, a new MHRRC database was added to support MHRRC functions such as race results, races, membership, kudos, etc.

Web Master note

Please note that I am no expert at this and have learned about asp.net, VB, SQL, etc. over the past six months, self-taught, through the school of hard knocks. Many thanks to all the forum experts who responded to my multiple questions (and still will, I hope).

I am probably at the same level of web developer as I am a runner: faster/more competent than the average person in the mall, but by no means in the elite class. Fortunately, just as elite runners let me run on the track, the techies let me play with their software to develop this site. Anyone who has more techical expertise than me is welcome to contribute to this effort!

 2009 Treetops to Rooftops by Nin Lei