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2013 Mamas and Papas by Charlotte Kopp

Marathon Project Mission Statement & Philosophy

The Marathon Project is an innovative program that addresses many of the serious issues that our teens are faced with every day in the Mid-Hudson Valley. Such issues include: obesity, substance misuse, and school drop-out. The Marathon Project provides an opportunity for at-risk students to explore avenues for character development, goal setting, and improved health, while building positive student-adult relationships through mentoring.


The objectives of the Marathon Project are to:

  • Offer a program that helps youth develop skills for making positive, healthy and            responsible choices.

  • Provide youth with adult mentors who coach and train while providing opportunities for lessons of responsibility, discipline and goal setting.

  • Increase youth participation in social activities to promote responsible and healthy decision making.

  • Create opportunities for youth of all ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds to connect with one another and experience positive relationships.

  • Develop a welcoming environment for all youth.


The Marathon Project provides a training program where individual groups are formed within the community where a leader is interested in bringing the experience to students there. The Marathon Project groups operate independently, following the policies, guidelines & schedule put forth by The Marathon Project. Each adult mentor is responsible for the students’ weekly training in preparation for the scheduled races. The first joined event will be Sean’s Run held on April 29, 2012.

**The program begins the last week in March and concludes in October, where the Marathon Project takes the students to the Hartford Marathon to compete in the 5k, Relay Team Marathon, Half Marathon or Full Marathon!**


The Marathon Project initiative is presented by; The Council on Addiction Prevention & Education of Dutchess County, Inc. (CAPE)

CAPE’s Mission

To provide, promote and pioneer prevention education services for the citizens of Dutchess County and Neighboring areas so that they can make healthy and responsible choices to improve individual and community quality of life.

The office staff is available from 8:00am to 4:00pm daily. The address is: 807 Route 52, Room 028, Fishkill, NY 12524. The office phone number is (845) 765-8301 & fax is (845) 765-8304. The Marathon Project is also on the web at www.mhrrc.org and www.capedc.org. To reach Nicole Alger directly, call (845) 765-8301 x101 or email: nalger@capedc.org


Students who participate in the program currently do not pay to participate. All of the fees are paid for by independent donors and grants.  The Marathon Project receives major funding from the Dyson Foundation and receives partial funding from NYS OCFS and the Dutchess County Youth Bureau. The Marathon Project undertakes continued fundraising efforts to fully support the students. Through generous contributions and grant funding, the Marathon Project has been able to provide each student who commits to the philosophy and rules of the program the following items:

-The Marathon Project t-shirt, water bottles, pens & bags
-Entry fees and transportation to most Marathon Project event; (dependent on funding)

-Healthy nutrition and exercise plan

* It should be noted that the current economy may create unforeseen financial challenges that could affect this program.


The Marathon Project is far more than just an athletic program. It is a program to teach students to set and achieve goals. Because of the non competitive emphasis, the Marathon Project hopes to appeal to many “non-athletes” and the “at-risk student” who would not normally attempt something this challenging. We also want the program to attract those athletes who wish to test themselves in a difficult and unique event. The result is a program in which every young person can realize their potential to achieve great things.



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