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2012 Women's Run by Bob Kopac
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2019 Twilight Track Series Update

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

We have run into an issue with the location of the 2019 MHRRC Twilight Track Series.  Our regular location, Arlington High School in Lagrange, is unavailable due to construction there.   For various reasons, all other tracks in the area are also unavailable with the exception of  the FDR High School track in Hyde Park.

We need to determine if there is sufficient interest in attending the track series in this location, which is relatively far from where we have traditionally held it.   We are particularly interested in feedback from those families who traditionally attend the series.   If you would definitely plan to attend the track series if it was held at the FDR track, please send an email to pwdehaven@msn.com.    If the series is to be held, the first date would be July 5  instead of June 28.



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