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2012 Miles of Hope by Bob Kopac
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Friday, September 7, 2012

ALL POINTS BULLETIN! We need more volunteers. PLEASE help out even if you are running in a race. We have a serious shortage of volunteers - ESPECIALLY PEOPLE FOR TRAFFIC CONTROL AT SEVERAL IMPORTANT STREET INTERSECTIONS.

Some of these spots only require an hour or less. Others a little longer. We need people to help keep our runners safe!

Spread the word! Sign up at dcclassic.com on volunteer page.

Your President needs your help!

It's critical to the Classic's success this year. Sign up today please so we know you can help out. Ask your friends, wives, husbands, kids! Community Service hours will be given to those in need!

PLEASE SIGN UP TODAY AND GET OTHERS TO DO THE SAME. We need to get these volunteers in place by Monday at the latest. THIS IS VERY CRITICAL!!!

Thanks for your help.

Keith Axelrod, President, Mid Hudson Road Runners Club


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2007 Dutchess County Classic courtesy Karl Rabe of Poughkeepsie Journal