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2009 Billy Goat Run by Bob Kopac
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Winter Run: LaGrange Town Hall Closed

Friday, November 30, 2012

The LaGrange Town Hall will be closed until early spring. This means we cannot use it for registration activities for the Pete Sanfilippo Winter Run.

Race Director Conni Grace is searching for an alternate location for the Pete Sanfilippo Winter Run on February 3, 2013. She needs a place that has indoor registration and a good route. Some considered options right now  are the Middle School or maybe the rail trail (but the trail is not plowed during the winter).

If you have suggestions for location and route, please email Conni at gra176@aol.com.

Shopping cart registration for the Winter Run has been temporarily disabled until we can finalize a location.

At this point, we suspect that the Ed Erichson Races on March 10, 2013 will also need to find a new route and indoor registration location. Race Director Linda Stow is looking into this and we will publish details on the MHRRC web site as soon as we get some additional information.


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