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2011 Miles of Hope by Bob Kopac
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Test the new look of our web site

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fashions change: clothing, cars, furniture and WEB SITES. The more current sites use a flat, clean look with bright colors (think of the colors runners wear on their feet these days).

Given that, the look and feel of our site has been bugging me lately and I wondered if I could upgrade to a more current look. After a few weeks of struggle, you can see the results on our test site at www.mhrrc.com (I know, our real domain name is mhrrc.org). Note that both the production site (mhrrc.org) and the test site point to the same database, so any changes on one will occur on the other. Race registrations and the shopping cart point to the same database, so a person could register for a race on either site and it will work perfectly fine.

However, if you upload files through Officers Only>>Upload files or Race Scorers Only>>Upload Results, for now you should just send the files to be uploaded to me to make sure they get to the right place until we are done with testing.


PS: many thanks to Softsys, our ISP, for getting me through the last few steps of putting this site on their server. There were lots of emails flying back and forth about this project.



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