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Newsletter Editor (Call for Volunteer(s))

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Have you been missing your MHRRC newsletter?    Noticed that there has not been one for many months?    The reason is simple.   Since the last editor resigned late last year, no one has volunteered to take their place.   
The job of newsletter editor is one of the most important in the club.   Without an editor we are totally dependent on the club website to get information out to members.  It is also a job that requires a time commitment of 8-10 hours every month.   But it's also a chance to meet other runners and volunteers and make a vital contribution to the success of the club.

Here is a brief job description:
The editor's responsibility is to gather stories for the Newsletter, do the layout,  proof read, and finally have the newsletter delivered to member via email and (to a lesser extent) hard copy via an outside printing company.   The editor should attend board meetings and club meetings when possible in order to keep up with relevant club news.   The format, how it is created, and delivered is up to the editor.  Some editors have been able to "outsource" some of the tasks to other volunteers that they recruit.  

If you are interested in the position, contact either the club president, Keith Axelrod, at adgroupman@aol.com or the club webmaster at webmaster@mhrrc.org.


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