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2009 Miles of Hope by Bob Kopac
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Join the scoring and finish line team!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

MHRRC needs some volunteers to help with some key jobs at races:

  • Sweep (drives or bikes around the course to see if the last runner has finished and tells the scoring team);
  • Finish line (sets the clock(s), keeps the chute clear, works with finish line volunteers);
  • Scoring (needs computer skills and there is about a year of training at races required before you could score a race alone - but there are many scoring tasks that you could do as a scoring helper).

You can do some of these jobs and still run. You could volunteer at only 3 - 4 races per year and still make a big contribution. These jobs take a bit of training, but they are fun and without people to do these jobs, the club simply could not put on races. 

If you are a runner or if you have a partner who comes to many races, please contact Deborah at webmaster@mhrrc.org and join the scoring and finish line team.


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2009 Winter Run by Bob Kopac