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2012 Track Series by Bob Kopac
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Has your email address changed?

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

You can always change your email on this site by logging in and then going to My Account>>My Information. Change the email field to your new email address and click the "Update email" button, which updates the database.

This is the only way to change your email address on the MHRRC site. For example, if you register for a race while logged in, the site reads your email address from the database. However, if you override your email address when you register for a race, it does NOT write this different email address to the database. Your email address only changes if you complete the procedure in the first paragraph, above.

Some folks have not been receiving email notices from the club: newsletters, email blasts on upcoming races, etc. This is usually because either we have an old/changed email address in our database or because your recipient email server rejects our domain name (for example, @marist.edu rejects emails from webmaster@mhrrc.org). You might also want to check the filters on your email account to make sure you are not filtering out email messages from MHRRC.

Please direct all issues around this to Deborah at webmaster@mhrrc.org.


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2007 Dutchess County Classic courtesy Karl Rabe of Poughkeepsie Journal