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2013 Womens Run by Bob Kopac
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MHRRC Meeting Thursday, April 20

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The MHRRC meeting on Thursday, April 20, will include a description of track practices by AJ. If you are planning to participate in the track practices, you should attend to get a better understanding of what they are all about and how they will help you prepare for Spring, Summer and Fall races.

Improve your speed and endurance with other runners! Track practices are fun and they are free. Please register on MHRRC shopping cart before participating so you have acknowledged the disclaimer.

Normally, MHRRC meetings are the first Thursday of a month. However, for April 2017, the Knights of Columbus was reserved already. So, yes, the meeting is this week, Thursday evening, 7 -  9 pm. As usual, pizza and beverages will be available for a small fee.

Hope to see you there!


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2012 Billy Goat by Bob Kopac