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2011 Newburgh Beacon Bridge Run by Bob Kopac


If you want to submit photos to the MHRRC site, contact any officer.

Album Contents

Recover from the Holidays

Newburgh Beacon Bridge Run

Recover from the Holidays

Billy Goat

Posse at Recover from Holidays

2011 Holiday Run

End Malaria poster

2011 Turkey Trot

Winter Run

Sports Museum

Miles of Hope

Schlathaus Park

Miles of Hope

Red Fox Trot

MOH Survivors

Mamas & Papas

Sean's Run Marathon Project

Summer Track Series

Women's Run

Ed Erichson

Wa Wa Wally Waddle

Summer Track 2

Posse: RD's Extraordinnaire

Summer Track 3

Women's Run 10K

Summer Track 4

Treetops to Rooftops

2012 Turkey Trot 25K

Classic Logo

Turkey Trot 5K

Classic Web Site

2012 Classic

Classic 5K

2012 Classic

Classic Half

Sports Museum Hall of Fame

Classic 5K Winner Tom Delaney

2012 Knights of Columbus 2

Marathon Project winners at Hartford Marathon

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Images from 2012 races

Selected Photo: Recover from the Holidays

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