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Turkey Trot Day of Race Registrations End at 8:00 am

Monday, October 22, 2012

The annual Turkey Trot is a popular race among area families. Many people show up on Thanksgiving Day at the last minute and try to register for the race.

Note that this year, race day registrations will close at 8:00 am, sharp. This is to allow our scorers to move computers and work with the scoring software. So, if you show up late, you will not be able to register on race day.

Save some money and pre-register in the MHRRC shopping cart (you save $7/registration). If you wait until the day of the race to register, you may even miss the race because of the 8:00 day of race registration closing. Don't disappoint yourself and your family.

The last day to use the shopping cart to pre-register is Tuesday, November 20 - but don't wait that long!


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