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2012 Recover from the Holidays by Bob Kopac
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Newsletter to be Revived! Need Help!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A new attempt at publishing the Newsletter is being attempted by a team consisting of Connie Grace and Dana Albon.  We need more Newsletter team members.  Anyone willing to help with proof-reading articles, please contact Conni Grace  gra176@aol.com 

Please submit articles to Conni Grace at newsletter@mhrrc.org or gra176@aol.com by March 18th. Anything related to running is most appreciated.  The goal is to have a Newsletter ready by the end of March.

Note: we know that there has not been a MHRRC newsletter for a while. We lack volunteers to put it together. If you can help, that would be most appreciated so the same few people are not doing all the club work. Thanks!


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