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2008 Billy Goat Trail Race by Kelsey Steele
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Trophies for Kid's 1 Mile Run

Monday, September 16, 2013

The trophies for the Kid's 1 Mile run are now available at the Math & Physics Exploration at 1054 Freedom Plains Road (Rte 55).  The phone number is 452-4862  Check the Poughkeepsie Journal to see if you were a place finisher.  Point to read more for trophy winners for children.     -Irvin M. Miller

Overall Male   
 1. Nicholas Timm M12 Poughkeepsie NY
Overall Female   
 1. Isabelle Serrano F9 High Falls NY
1-5 Female   
 1. Lauren NEMETH F5 Wappingers Falls NY
 2. Amelia Walsh  F5 Brewster NY
 3. Grace Gile  F3 LaGrangeville NY
1-5  Male   
 1. Micaiah Middlebrook M5 Pawling NY
 2. Keaton Phillips M5 Shohola PA
 3. Kyle Lewis  M5 Pleasant Valley NY
6-7 Female   
 1. Nikki Geiger  F6 LaGrangeville NY
 2. Olivia Serrano F7 High Falls NY
 3. Kaity Nervegna F7 Pleasant Valley NY
 4. Rosalle Galanopous F7 
 5. Ailish Murray F6 Hopewell NY
6-7 Male   
 1. Matthew Nachamkin M6 Cold Spring NY
 3. Miles Clyde  M7 Wappingers Falls NY
 4. Ben Hambleton M7 Standfordville NY
 5. Max Heggenstaller M7 Clinton Corners NY
8-9 Female   
 1. Casey Stowell F9 Wingdale NY
 2. Anya Hall  F9 Hopewell NY
 3. Nicole Timm  F8 Poughkeepsie NY
 4. Kathryn Gagliardi F9 Poughkeepsie NY

 5.Megan Stowell F8 Wingdale, NY
8-9 Male   
 1. Brendan Meyer M9 Poughkeepsie NY
 2. David Ballantyne M9 Hopewell NY
 3. Andrew Byrne  M9 Rhinebeck NY
 4. Matthew Ferreri  m9 Hyde Park NY 

  5. Hayden Fox  F9 LaGrangeville NY

10-12 Female   
 1. Madeline Bernhardt F12 LaGrangeville NY
 2. Danielle Takacs F12 New Paltz NY
 3. Julia Bernhardt F11 LaGrangeville NY
 4. Kristine Boryk F12 LaGrangeville NY
 5. Emily Nervegna F10 Pleasant Valley NY
10-12 Male   
 1. REECE ROBINSON M10 Poughkeepsie NY
 2. DOMINIC ROBINSON M10 Poughkeepsie NY
 3. Noah Clark  M12 Poughkeepsie NY
 4. Luke Williams M12 Stormville NY
 5. John Hambleton M10 Standfordville NY


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2008 Mamas and Papas Run courtesy Chris Walsh