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2012 Sports Museum by Charlotte Kopp
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Treetops to Rooftops News Flash

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The popular Treetops to Rooftops 5K, over the Walkway, has been growing each year. Hope to see you there this year, too, on June 14, 2014.

If you are mailing in your pre-registration, please mail to Sue O'Neil and include "c/o Walkway Over the Hudson" before the PO Box number. Some mail in registrations have been returned to senders because the post office did not know how to deliver.

Complete address is now on the Treetops race flyer and it is:

Susanne O'Neil

c/o Walkway Over the Hudson

PO Box 889

Poughkeepsie, NY  12602

Please state Treetops to Rooftops in front of envelope.

This race has the best 360 degree view of the Hudson Valley around. It has great food (including My Brother Bobby's Salsa) and features the four Fs: Fast, Flat, Few turns, Family Friendly.

Pre-register to get a tee shirt (they are often all claimed by race day). See you at the race!


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