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2009 Classic by Nin Lei
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Helpful Hints For DC Classic Race Day This Sunday

Friday, September 19, 2014

Congratulations on Registering for the 36th Annual Dutchess County Classic! Here are a few suggestions to make your race day a great time. First and most important... Get to Arlington High School early! Directions are available at www.dcclassic.com. Registration opens at 6:00 am. With the crowds we are expecting, my suggestion is to get to the high school by 6:30 am. There has been a lot of construction on Route 55. It is possible that there will only be one way into the school...The main entrance which has a newly built round a bout. There is no longer a traffic light there.

If you know anyone not pre-registered, I would encourage them to get there closer to 6:00 am. Either way, once you park your car, make your way to the registration area and look for where your race is and visit the proper table where you will be assisted. Once you pick up your race packet with your race bib, you the will pick up your t-shirt. Remember they are in limited supply, so get there early!

The porta potties are located in the back of the school. This year both the start and the finish of all races are also in the back of the school as well as the expo and food tent! The kids one mile goes off at 8:00 am, the half marathon goes off at 8:30 am and the 5k goes off at 8:45 am. The walkers on the track start at 9:00 am.

The NYS Police, Sheriff Department and Lagrange Fire District will be out on the roads to keep you safe! Runners must keep to the left at all times and for the half marathon runners, only cross over from Overlook Road to Cramer Road in the designated spot to do so. Again, runners stay on the left hand side of the road facing traffic. Some of the roads are windy with limited sight distance for vehicles and they may come upon you suddenly. You are safer facing them!

It may be a little warm Sunday. My understanding is any possible rain should hold off until after the race is over. In any case, please stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. If anyone has any problem during their run, there are plenty of emergency vehicles and medical services available though the Police and Fire agencies mentioned above.

So the bottom line is show up early, hang out and stay relaxed before your race and stay safe during your race. Remember... No strollers or pets or carrying children during your run. Race policy is no earbuds, but for you that do not follow the policy, always leave an ear open so you can hear traffic and other runners approaching. We do not police every runner or disqualify anyone, but want you to know the policy of no earbuds.

Anyone willing to hang out afterwards would be very much welcome to help clean up before you leave. We have been told by the High School that our group event is the largest they have and we leave the premises cleaner than any other event. That is due to the volunteers who give their time to make this happen. We could use a few more hands to help accomplish this.

Well, I've given you everything I can think of to make your race a great experience for yourself and your fellow runners! Thanks for being part of this great race! 36 years is a long time to carry on the Classic tradition. If this is your first time racing, enjoy it and soak in the experience. The Classic was my very first race ever and I'll always remember that day. Be sure to thank the countless volunteers and all our sponsors at the expo. All the water stations are manned by local high school track teams, so be sure to thank them too.

See you Sunday morning.

Keith Axelrod, Race Director, Dutchess County Classic,
President, Mid Hudson Road Runners Club
www.dcclassic.com and www.mhrrc.org


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