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2012 Newburgh Beacon Bridge Run by Bob Kopac
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Many thanks to Turkey Trot Volunteers

Friday, November 28, 2014

This is from Race Director Vince Veltre:

Thank you all for being a big help in pulling off the Turkey Trot this year in difficult conditions.  The number of no shows was higher than normal and the day of race registration was low but the runners who came really enjoyed the event.   I can't believe that I had to drive home just an hour before the start to pick up Chronotrack cables that were not where I thought they were and I still got the system up and running with no problems (yet- I just posted the results).   

Special thanks go to Claude Bodley who got to AHS before me and helped with the parking lot set up. Also special thanks to Pat DeHaven, Paul Fitzpatrick and Gil Anderson who stayed until the bitter end of the big clean up. 

And a special thank you to all the volunteers who came and did a great job !    

Volunteer List:


Chris Chamuris

Matt Williams

Alicia Young

Donna Barnetty

Richard Hall

Colin Hall

Ryan Hall

Kevin Hall

Maura Martin

Sean Martin

Kathryn Martin

Maureen Martin


Dennis Hall

Chris Hall

Steve Hall

Sue Sullivan

Charles Sprauer

Jim Ventura

Pat DeHaven

Lynne Kopac

Kazu Shimada

Helen Fang

Deborah Schwartz
Kelsey Steele

Barbara Heiles

Irv Miller

Rich Hanson

Linda Stow

Eileen Sylvia

Robert Selcov

Joseph Virgillio
Gil Anderson

Pete Sanfilippo

Brian Veltre


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