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2013 Schlathaus Park by Bob Kopac
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MHRRC Spring Newsletter Articles Needed!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The winter MHRRC newsletter was such a success (thanks to new editor Margaret Wentworth and her husband, David Anchin). 

The deadline for submitting articles to the spring version is Tuesday, April 5. Please send all your articles to Margaret at newsletter@mhrrc.org. Now that MHRRC has such a great newsltter layout, this is an opportunity for your thoughts on running to really shine. Any topics related to running are appropriate: personal experiences, training tips, race experiences outside MHRRC, current research, gear, diet, etc. 

Submit your article soon - or, if you have a babystep of an idea, feel free to email Margaret for her feedback. She appreciates getting advanced notice of what is coming in so she can leave space in the newsletter for your article.


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2013 Schlathaus Park by Bob Kopac