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Running and Ribs
Web Master | 9/3/2009 at 8:03 AM

So, we were happily beginning our run in Millbrook, a short 10 miler with Kelsey, Sue, Karen, Polly, Barbara and me, feeling strong and doing our favorite chatting thing. One minute, I am upright and in an instant my face is in the dirt. Ouch! Bruised knees, scraped wrist, wind taken out of me. So, as is usually done, I get up and finish the 10 miles, joking that it is typically Kelsey or Polly who fall on our runs.

At about mile 7, wrist really hurts. Small pain in ribs. By Sunday night, wrist is really bad so it is off to the doctor for x-rays. No breaks, rest is recommended (and still, 2 weeks later, wrist is tender and hurts to use). Fast forward to Thursday night, after a week of packing kids for college, cleaning, unloading, long car trips: ribs hurt so much I can't get comfortable - even a deep breath hurts. Off to the doctor again, more x-rays, no breaks, more recommendations for rest, pain pills that put me to sleep but finally provide some relief. Marathon dreams shattered. Missed the great 20 mile run that everyone did great on and felt terrific at the end (cool weather was a help, but good training was the key).

Surprisingly, I find out that it is not uncommon for runners to fall and hurt their ribs. It has happened to some of our best: Pete, Steve, Irv. They no longer bind ribs (too many bad side effects), but Irv claims taking a deep, slow breath helps the pain.

I've started up with some easy 6 mile runs and may try the short (12 mile)  long run with the Posse on Sunday. But, I've missed 2 weeks of speed work. I'm hoping my marathon dreams can come alive again, but I am playing it day-by-day. And last night, I stubbed my toe on our coffee table. Do I run because I don't have to be too coordinated? Am I accident prone? And rib pain from running?