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2012 Winter Run by Bob Kopac

Refund Policies for Mid-Hudson Road Runners Club Shopping Cart Items

Mid-Hudson Road Runners Club as Agent for Event Registration/Sales

Mid-Hudson Road Runners Club Provides Registration Services and acts as agent for a number of events. The following policy covers these transactions.

No Refunds

The registrant acknowledges that Mid-Hudson Road Runners Club has no responsibility for the operation of the events for which it maintains online registration and is only acting as an agent to register applicants who wish to participated in those events. The individual event operators and sponsors have provided information included in this site and Mid-Hudson Road Runners Club does not verify the accuracy or completeness therof. The registration is only a license to participate in the event and there is no guarantee as to quality or any element of the schedule event, that the scheduled event may be cancelled, shortened or altered due to weather, other acts of God, terrorism, or for any other reasons within or not within the control of the event organizer.

All confirmed orders are final once payment is submitted and Mid-Hudson Road Runners Club does not issue refunds. In general, these events allow no refunds under any circumstances, but certain events may have their own refund policies and may make direct refunds, however, Mid-Hudson Road Runners Club will not issue refunds and the registrant understands that these are a condition of using the registration system.